Air Conditioning Tips That Can Help You Save Money

Air Conditioning TipsIt’s that time of year here in Florida, lets be honest its pretty much always “that time” of year here in the Sunshine State. It is a fact that we all receive utility bills each month and can all relate to that moment when we receive that envelope and wonder  “how much is it going to be this month”? ACJ Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share some helpful tips that can help you save on your electric bill every month.

Living in the Tampa, FL area we are in the midst of the “busy season.”

Air conditioner’s needing repairs or replaced every day. According to the U.S. Department of Energy recent statistics say that Americans spend more than 22 billion each year on electricity. In Florida, this can account for up to 70% of the season’s electric bill.

We invite you to take a few minutes and read just how easy it is to save each month. Just because we live in Florida, doesn’t mean that cooling your home cannot be affordable. You deserve to live comfortably, while cooling your home low cost. Here are some money saving tips to help you save and beat the heat!

  1. Hire a professional

    Here at ACJ’S all of our technicians are certified and insured. We take pride in the quality of our work and we are backed with an excellent reputation. Hiring a professional can insure that you are purchasing the proper unit for your home. Need a new unit or just a repair? We treat every consumer with honesty and integrity if you don’t need a new unit rest assure that we will make the proper repair on your current unit, and let you know we find that no repairs are needed. We are always honest upon findings, and will always guide you in the right direction. If you are in need of a new unit our specialist at ACJ’S will make sure that your new HVAC system has the highest EER rating on the market. An EER rating is short for “Energy Efficiency Rating.” The higher the EER rating the more money that you will be saving. Energy Star central air units save about 14% more than a standard model. So please make sure to ask our technicians about the proper unit with a high EER rating that will be suite your needs.

  2. Replace Filters

    Everyone should replace their filters regularly. Filters are used whenever your AC Unit is used. When your AC unit is running your filters are being used. It rains in Florida frequently, this can produce more mold spores in your home. Other things like pet hair, dust, pollen, bacteria, as well as microscopic particles will have your air conditioning system consuming more energy. The more energy being consumed by your unit the less money in your pocket!

  3. Maintain your Ducts

    In order to get the most out of your air conditioning system you must have your ducts in proper working order. The average range of cooled air that can be leaked is anywhere from 10% to 30%. This is cooled air that you are paying for that you are losing out on. Proper installation is very important. ACJ’S is happy to glance over your current duct work and give you our honest opinion on if anything need repairs. If you think you are having an issue with the duct work, or think it needs to be looked at just let us know. Normally ductwork is not that costly of a thing to do repairs on.

  4. Inside Window Treatment’s

    Sometimes all it takes is a little interior decorating to lower your utility bill. A simple way to lower cooling costs is to purchase black out blinds. Direct sunlight can raise the room temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees! Black out blinds can be found at any major retailer. These can be pulled back at anytime. But when your not at home pull the blinds and see how cool your room stays! It may be pennies per hour but after a long season in the Florida sun you can save a handful of cash just by purchasing some window treatments. If you chose not to purchase these blinds, just keep in mind to close all curtains in blinds in the rooms not being used during the day, this will help you save.

  5. Other Simple Tips…

    If you have a leak in any window or door your paying more. Insure that all windows and doors are properly sealed at all times. Complete a quick walk through your home making note of any repairs that may be needed. Ceiling Fans are a great way to reduce cost as well. Most ceiling fans will cool your room by a few degrees and cost just pennies to operate per hour. When going on summer vacation turn your thermostat a few degrees warmer than what you normally have it at. Turing your AC unit off can actually be harmful to the unit when returning. By keeping the inside air a little warmer you will insure the working order of your unit as well as lowering your bill.

With these 5 simple tips you will now be on your way in saving money!

Beat the Florida heat and save on your monthly electric bill! We hope that we have helped you with some fun tips and hope that your next utility bill will have you resting a little more comfortable at night.

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