Keep Area Around Your Outdoor A/C Unit Maintained for Better Efficiency

Air Conditioning Tips for homeowners living in Pasco, Hernando, Citrus, Pinellas, and Hillsborough County Florida.

Outdoor A/C Unit Maintenance

Outdoor A/C Unit MaintenanceIt’s summertime here in Florida, is your Air Conditioning system ready to work harder to ensure that you and your family stay cool and comfortable in your home. Since your A/C system will be working hard this summer, you also want to make sure it is also working efficiently. One way to help your A/C system run more efficiently is to properly maintain the area around the Air Conditioning systems exterior fan. Even though most A/C fans are big and bulky, many homeowners find themselves creating ways to conceal what some consider an eyesore.

From bushes and landscape to fences and walls, no matter the method, when properly concealed you can increase the efficiency of your Air Conditioning system by as much as 10 percent. ACJ Heating & Air Conditioning has listed some tips below to help guide you the proper methods that can help make your Air Conditioning systems run more efficiently and help save you money.

Selecting Plants & Vegetation

Creating shade by designing and strategically planting different kinds of plants or vegetation around the A/C systems outdoor fan. The shaded area you create around the A/C system will not only help your system run more efficiently, it will also help prevent the unit from overworking and that can ultimately extend the life of the unit.

When selecting plants and vegetation keep in mind it is best to choose plants with little or no shedding of leaves. This will help reduce the amount of maintenance required around the A/C unit. Many homeowners prefer planting shrubs and hedges or a type of lattice fence weaved with vegetation.

Proper Spacing

Proper spacing around and above the A/C unit is essential and should be considered when designing the area around the Air Conditioning system. In order to maintain proper airflow and limit any kind of restriction of air to the coils, plants and structures should be at least two to three feet from the A/C unit on all sides. It is also recommended that you keep at least five feet of clearance above the A/C unit. All plants and vegetation surrounding the unit should be trimmed regularly to make sure that the Air Conditioning unit maintains the clearance necessary to run efficiently.

Cleaning Debris & Lawn Clippings

Maintaining the area around the outdoor unit is essential when looking to maximize efficiency and lowers energy bills. Many homeowners regularly change A/C filters inside their homes but neglect the routine maintenance needed for the A/C systems outdoor component (fan) and is necessary for the unit to operate efficiently. Over time grass, lawn clippings, leaves, sticks, small animals (lizards) and other debris accumulate inside and around the A/C unit restricting airflow and making the unit work a lot harder and less efficient. In order for your A/C system to work efficiently and most of all problem free, it is best to hire a licensed professional like ACJ Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. and schedule routine maintenance for your entire Air Conditioning system.

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