When Should You Replace Ductwork In Your Tampa Bay Area Home?

Ductwork Installation and ReplaceTired of spending hard earned money every month to cool your homes attic or crawl space? According to the United States Department of Energy heating and cooling accounts for about 48% of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, making it the largest energy expense for most homes. Air loss through your homes ducts can lead to high electricity costs, and accounts for nearly 30 percent of a cooling system’s energy consumption. Replacing the old ductwork in your home with new air ducts that are sealed and insulated can go a long way towards lowering your electricity bills.

Since every home in the Tampa area including Pasco, Hernando, Citrus, Pinellas, and Hillsborough County is built differently, it is essential that your homes new air duct is designed specifically for your home in order to make your homes a/c system more energy efficient.

Common Problems Found with Air Ducts In Tampa Bay Area Homes

  1. Air ducts that are improperly designed
    Even if your homes heating & cooling system is functioning properly and is correctly sized it may not be working efficiently due to ductwork that was improperly designed. Improperly designed and installed duct system cannot supply and return the required airflow to heat and cool your house effectively.
  2. Leaking Air ducts
    Air ducts can cost you more on your energy bill when air leaks into or out of them. Sometimes this leakage is from holes in the ductwork or from poorly connected duct joints. Even if the ducts are sealed, their operation can cause the house itself to leak more air because of differences in air pressure in various zones of the house. Indoor air quality can also be negatively affected by increasing the amount of air pollutants that enter into your systems outgoing airflow.
  3. Registers and Grills That Are Poorly Sealed or Loose
    If your ductwork is not sealed properly at the register or grill this could be causing you to loose air that you have already paid to heat or cool and will make your HVAC system work harder to compensate for the air that is lost due to poorly sealed registers and grills.
  4. Kinked, Twisted, Flattened, or Torn Air Ducts
    Having any restriction in the air that flows through your systems air ducts can make your system work harder to circulate the air throughout your house.
  5. Ducts That Are Not Insulated or Not Fully Insulated
    When air ducts are not insulated or not fully insulated you may be losing heated air in the winter or cooled air in the summer and spring time. Insulating your air ducts properly will help  increase the overall efficiency of your heating and cooling system.
  6. Dirty Air Ducts
    The air ducts in your home act as the main source for which you receive heated air I the winter and cooled air in the summer. Dirty air ducts not only reduce the quality of air you breathe, they also reduce the flow of air that your HVAC system tries to circulate throughout your home.


Air Duct Installation

Whether you are building a new home in the Tampa Bay area or looking to replace old, inefficient ductwork in your existing home. ACJ Heating & Air Conditioning can custom design and install the most efficient air ducts for your homes heating & cooling system.

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